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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

World's best speech against girls


Remember about older post yang kene delete tu? This is one of them. I re-post it sebab suke tgk video ni. Setiapkali tgk video ni. Mesti macam gelakgelak sambil cakap. "ehhhhhhhhh. apa iniiiiii?" haha. Oke selamat menonton (jgn lupe bawak popcorn!)

Here are some dialog that makes me laugh. Kiki. Kelakar la mamat ni. Miserable habis. Kikiki.Gadis mane la yang bejaye buat die miserable habis ni. Haha

Behind unsuccessful men, there is still a woman.

If the curtains and cushions don't match, she buys more cushions.

Your sitting in a corner quietly, and she ask what you are thinking?(X3), well I wasn't thinking anything but now, why don't you shut up?

You will make a right point but the argument ends up being 'Why are you pointing a finger at me?' 

 You talked to my friend? Why don't you go sleep with her? 

Ps- if i were him i will be gasping for air by the end of this conversation lol! :P
Pss- hidung die mancung kan? miserable2 pun maintain hensem! Hihi