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Monday, June 25, 2012


Could your dating patterns be sabotaging your efforts to get off the singles’ bench? If you never make the first move or always date the wrong men, your dating style may need an overhaul. Here are 20 habits to ditch if you want to find love.

1. You always expect him to make the first move

Men know that they’re supposed to do the running, and they hate it. Being born male does not gift them with unassailable self-confidence. If you want a date, go and chat him up. He’ll be too delighted to reject you.

2. You think that eye contact is 'making a move.' No, it isn’t

'Go and chat him up,' we said. Not: 'stand there glancing at him every 20 minutes.' Eye contact, no matter how flirtatious you think it is, will not get you off the singles’ bench unless you accompany it with 'hello,' at the very least.

3. You play hard to get

If you want a man to be interested in you, be interested in him. It works, because all human beings are egomaniacs at heart. Treating ‘em mean only makes ‘em go and find someone else.

4. You don’t get it when you’re being asked out

If a handsome stranger asks, 'are you alright for a drink?', he is trying to ask you out. Don’t just nod, blush, and run away. If you find him attractive, accept his offer and strike up a conversation.

5. You’re still waiting for love at first sight

Lust at first sight happens all the time, but it ain’t love until you’ve shared a bathroom. Don’t wait around for that thunderbolt of first-glance love, because you’ll be waiting – and single – for a very long time indeed.

6. You’re too busy

All work and no play makes Jane a dull singleton. It may be tricky to find time for socialising and relationships, but your happiness (and health) will benefit if you strike a balance. Life is too short not to.

7. You stay in because you’ve got a zit

A zit that no man would ever notice, by the way.Stop allowing minor skin mess-ups to dictate your social life.

8. You wear too much make-up

The natural look is much more appealing to men than a trowelling of slap. Too much make-up makes you look desperate, and that’s never a good look when you’re trying to impress.

9. You keep mentioning your ex

Perhaps you were with them for years and they play a walk-on part in all your anecdotes, but you must break the ex-namecheck habit if you’re to impress a potential lover. Even a passing mention of your ex suggests that you haven’t moved on.

10. You keep interrupting

What women see as conversation, men often see as interruption. If you’re trying to impress a guy, bite your tongue. Indulge him. Let him finish his train of thought. You can teach him to converse properly once you know him better.

11. You talk about yourself too much

Prompt him to talk about himself. Make him feel like the most interesting man you’ve ever met. The more interesting you find him, the more interesting he’ll find you.

12. You moan about stuff that men couldn’t give a stuff about

You’ve had the day from hell in the office, where you hate your boss and your boss hates you. Moan about it to your mates in the pub after work, not to the guy you’ve met for a first date. If you do, you’ll end the date just as single as you started it.

13. You don’t want to break your diet

A tasty dessert shared with your date could seal the deal on your evening, and it’s unlikely to make a difference to your waistline unless you have a date every night this week. Don’t be a party pooper. You can make it up with a quick run tomorrow… or some other form of vigorous exercise.

14. You always expect him to pay

If he asks to split the bill, it doesn’t mean he’s not interested. Maybe he’s short of funds, or thinks it’s only fair that you go halves (in which case, he’s absolutely correct). If you throw a wobbler, you’re a high-street version of a gold-digger.

15. You ring him too soon after the first date

Calling a man on the way home from your first date will make you seem needy and clingy, and you will find yourself back at singlehood square one. A text message to say 'I had a great evening' is plenty to keep the ball rolling.

16. You don’t ring at all after the first date

Refusing to ring him at all is just playing hard to get. Once 24 hours have passed since the start of your date, ring him. If you get a brush-off, you can move on to the next guy.

17. You don’t return calls

Whoever told you to wait for five days (or whatever random number of days) before returning a phone call is an idiot. No man wants a stalker, but letting him know you’re interested is the way to win his heart.

18. You waste time with men you don’t fancy

Fear of being single often drives you to accept dates – and more dates – with men you don’t really fancy. Trouble is, while you’re wasting precious time with Mr OK-I-Suppose, you could be out finding Mr Right.

19. You waste time with toxic men

These are the men who pull you one minute and break your heart the next, leaving you feeling more single than ever. There’s the serial online dating addict who never takes his profile down; the self-esteem leech who can’t stop criticising; the rebounder who uses you as a cushion after his break-up… they’re out there in their millions. Avoid.

20. You’re too picky

If you have a very narrow idea of your 'ideal man', you may never find someone who lives up to your fantasy. Here’s a revolutionary idea: try a man who’s completely different from your ideal. You may end up surprised – and a lot less single.
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Weekend Weekend Weekend!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Baru habis solat maghrib. Korang solat tak? Solat itu wajib ye adikadik kakakkakak tuantuan puanpuan. No excuse. Kan da janji nak cerite bout my weekend kan? Oke, Alkisahnye sebeginilah.

Sabtu tu, mak kejutkan pagipagi. Soalan pertame
  1. Kite nak breakfast ape ni Fatin? Fatin pegy beli nasi lemak lah oke?
  2. Ke nak makan kat luar? kat kedai? 
Saye seperti biaselah. Gulingguling dulu dengan bantal busuk. Taknak terime kenyataan dah pagi. Oh no. Damn. Da pagi. Nak tido laaaaaaaaagy! Haha. So then bgn, pergi la kemas2 rumah. Sambil msg cik abang. Our plan hari sabtu tu nak date gy gym. Work out same2. Nak carik treadmill act. Sambil mengelak dari sunburn (sebab tu carik gym rather jog dekat tasik titiwangsa). Ps: kitorang satu family baru balik dari Tioman act. So mmg kulit. Pergh. SUNBURN. 

Sekali, mak datang kate nak gy Banting ambik Iklil. Pergh keundang cita-cita nak gym bersame Encik Muaz. Tapi takpe. Date dengan mak and adik lagi best whattttt. Haha. So kitorang gy la Banting. Superjauh. Jauh sangatsangat. Name je Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor. But it takes 2hours of drive. Lemau plus panas bontot aih dalam kete. Sebelum sampai Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor, kitorang singgah Kolej Mara Banting. Muaz belajar situ. Cis boleh die taknak turun kerete tangkap gamba. Inilah namenye. "KACANG LUPEKAN KULIT" haha, Matimati die takmo turun kerete. Nak tau ape Muaz kate?? 

"Dulu abang orang surau"

Memang gelak terbahakbahak kitorang. Well, die datang tu da pakai V neck. Kaler pink lagitu. Padanla die takmo turun. Nilah contoh2 hasilhasil da fly. Rosak! Haha. (Mampus kalau Muaz bace ni. Takpe. Die kursus. Muahaha.) So then we head directly to matrix la. Sampai2 je solat la kejap. Disebabkan Muaz nak pulang ke pangkal jalan. Die solat kat surau matrix tu sikit punye lame. Sempat la kitorang snap gamba. Hihi

Then, semue da selesai solat. Kitorang pergi lunch at Pantai Morib dengan mak, iklil and muaz. Yay! Lagi best dari gy gym kan? Hihi. Muaz makan banyakkkk. Seriously clueless macammane die boleh kecik cinonet. Kurus amat! Extremely high metabolism agaknye. Tapi gf die, bukan main pesatnye lagi berkembang. Haha.

Then balik da nak dekat maghrib, kitorang singgah KFC makan KFC ciken yang baru tu. Tak de la sedap sangat. McD lagi best. Bile balik, makan durian. Seeedap! Seminggu due tige kali beli durian. Muahah. Orang perak. Nak buat cammane. Hihi.

Then malamnye, biaselah. sesi fb and gulingguling dengan adik and mak. Then hari Ahad, pagipagi lagi gy meeting anak anak selangor dkat Shah Alam. Part best dekat meeting ni. Dengar divident and bonus2 yang die bagi je. Hhah. Mate duitan tak? *Kaching Kaching* Kli ni die bagi 10% je. But still oke la. Kosas ni paling rendah die bagi 10%. Still higher then ASB. Then attend meeting dapat free food for breakfast and lunch. Not only that, setiap ahli yang attend meeting dapat rm200. Yay! Tak yah keje nak menampung   shoppingshoppingku. Alhamdulillah. Haha.



After meeting, we head back to Banting. Penat gile hantar budak ni balik. Then sampai Ampang kitorang pergi Carefour beli barang dapur for this week punye. Lepas tu pergi Secret Recipe beli cake. And malam? gagal dikesan. Terbongkang tidoq! Hahaha.

So, mmg tak sempat update blog la ceritenye kalau weekend. Ade je bendenye. Tak keluar dengan mak. Keluar dengan Muaz. Tak Muaz. Keluar dengan kedue2nye sekali. Usually dating mak ade and ikut. Hihi. Oke wat mak ikut. Salah satu kelebihannye: Mak belanje! Miahaha!

Ps: Encik Muaz yang berkursus sebulan tu. Jangan marah! hihihi. Adik sakatsakat sikit je. kiki
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Wanita Hari Ini : Fashion Fishtail Skirt.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hello!! Sorry lame tak update. Well kalau weekend. Sile jangan bermimpilah i will update. Full of plans (memang tak duduk rumah jalan sane sini sane sini) Hihi. Oke nanti malam (as if im free lah kan) ill update whats about my weekend. Tehee.

Oh ye. Tadi. While kemas kemas rumah. Tengoklah wanita hari ini (WHI). Fyi, WHI ni agak best la for me. So memang layan la kan. Die ade fashion, health, masakmasak, siap ade segmen "Tilam dan Bantal". HAHA. Ni basically die cite pasal rumah tangge la. Macam how to understand husband, How to work on your rumah tangge.  Things like that la. Kite yang tak kawen ni boleh dengar. Preparation orang kate. Oke back to the things yang i nak cerite. So tadi tengah2 tgk WHI, die cerite pasal fashion sekarang. Fashion nye adalah : FISHTAIL SKIRT. Ha, penah dengar tak? Jangan main2. Sekarang ekor ikan pun orang buat  skirt. lol!

"The Fishtail Skirt already has its own personality, if its printed just wear a simple top and you're good to go. Same as if it is a solid color. It's fun and its easy to wear. Just slap on some nice heels or flats and it makes your look AMAZING!" (Anonymous, 2011)

Oke lets take a look ape die skirt ekor ikan ini. Haha.

So dah tau dah ape itu fishtail skirt. Die macam unsymmetrical skirt la. Which to me, extremely weird. Haha. Sorry la kot kepade penggemar2 skirt ni.  Tapi peliklah skirt ni. Serious ade issue kurang kain sikit. Artis jemputan untuk WHI untuk fishtail skirt ni adelah : NUR FATHIA.

Kenal tak?
gamba gua cilok dari google.
(Maybe korang tak kenal. Tgk gamba bawah familiar sikit kot.)

Kenal da kan?
Ni yang belakon Tv3 cite Hani tak silap.

Nur Fathia ni minat la pakai fishtail ni. Die suke kaler neon. Die suke fishtail nye fashion ni pasal fresh, senang, and material utk fishtail ni usually lembut. So macam best la. Very easy and comfy. Lepas tu die kate as kain kat depan tu kan pendek (-.-") boleh la pakai dengan boots ke legging ke. Yang designer die kate, As kain ni unsymmetrical. Boleh la dipakai pendek tu ketepi ke, ke belakang ke. ( -.-" -.-" ) Ape punye fashion la masuk Malaysia ni. Lepas ni ramai la berekor ikan di mall mall berdekatan gamaknye. Oke then pengacare tanye, budak2 boleh ke pakai fishtail ni? Ofcourse la boleh. Hihi.

 Hihi ini cooooomel
*comel comel lompatlompat*

So thats all la from me buat mase ni. Untuk gadisgadis kurang sesuai rasenye nak pakai skirt ni. Takpe jgn risau. Ade banyak lagi skirt yang boleh dipakai dan dibeli yang cantik2 kat luar tu. Hii. Contohnye seperti. Tadaaaa !

*Cantekkan? cantekkan?*
Kaler electric blue tu cantik (Belanje plis!)

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