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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ospe Gross Anatomy (Female part, Thyroid, Tongue, Liver, Intestine, Kidney, Bladder, Pouch, Pacrease etc.) Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary and endocrine and reproductive body system)

Female area.

*Pntg untuk distinguish laki perempuan.
*which part depan and belakang.
*boleh carik bladder and uterus and pouch.
*pastu ade vetebra and disk
*pastu rectum
lots to study from this part.

small intestines.

*macam biase. dieakan sangat obvious diff fom large intestine.
*dr kate they only show obvious specimen.

Thyroid front and back w tongue.

*gambar nom 2 tu nampak butterfly shape. tu thyroid
*attach to trachea

*boleh nampk anat tongue

Pancrease. Bawah tu nak tunjuk duct.
*ade 2 duct. (accessory duct and main duct) 
*siape atas siape bawah carik la oke.
*carik jugak opening die masuk kemane. and die nye systerm

*Anatomically, right lobe besar.
*functionally left besar.
* plis find about caudate quadrate.
*inferior vena cava
* portal hiatus ( cant remember the exact name. area divide caudate quadrate)
* gall bladder.

* jshape.
*plis susun mane atas mane bawah. 
*lagi ke intestine lagi ber rugae.
find part part of stomach
*plis know mane less curvature longcurvature

*plis know sape atas sape bawah.
*ape nessel in out sape depan sape belakang.
*plis know suprarenal gland (kat atas kidney)

Good Luck dearest friends.
for histology. 
i capture none.
capture untuk thyroid je which is yangpink tu.
sume tau kannnn~